Hate Speech

door lievendebrouwere

What the fuck is hate speech, exactly? It is simply a political category that gives power to the powerful to pick and choose what lesser mortals are allowed to read, think and discuss. 

(Nick Gillespie)

From the standpoint of an enlightened democracy, the censoring of hate is a far worse evil than the expression of hate. Why? Because it prevents people from judging and evaluating for themselves how to respond to the views of their fellow citizens. 

(Frank Furedi)

Censoring hate speech merely pushes hate underground where it lurks under the guise of civility: invisibly but not obliterated, looming all the more powerful. 

(Sarah Haider)

To try to ban the right to hate should be seen as no less outrageous an interference than a tyrant trying to ban the right to love.

(Mick Hume)

The EU forgets what I call ‘the Iron Law of Free Speech’: it is always valuable to know what people really think. We cannot protect ourselves from the world by committing to knowing less about it. 

(Greg Lukianoff)

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