Winners en losers

door lievendebrouwere


Dear Liberals, we understand your feeling of hurt and disappointment over the Brexit result. It did not go your way. These things happen. Especially to the younger generation brought up in the over protected, self-esteem movement based ‘everyone is a winner’ education system, the shocking realisation that in the real world you cannot always be winners could be disconcerting. But here is the thing folks, today the reason that the so-called right is rising throughout Europe does not necessarily point at a moral decay in society. It can simply be disenchantment with the promises that the left-liberals sold but failed to deliver. If you consider your ideology as a product and its consumers as your clients, then calling clients who were won over by the competition as ‘lynch mobs’, is hardly an effective strategy to win them back over. Trust me, I have been in sales for over twenty years and I am yet to see a single client coming back to the salesperson who abused him/her.

(Mayuresh Didolkar op